Our B2B Online Store

we’ve known that for decades: CSS MicroSystems develops, produces and sells electronic aids for people with disabilities and in the field of hospital equipment. We are enthusiastic about using high-tech sensibly. We have already received several awards for this. The focus is on products for environmental control, assistive call triggering for clinics and care as well as assistive computer access. But what’s new?

Our company is constantly growing and in order to offer our customers the best service, we had an idea.
Since May 2022, as a specialist reseller, you have also been able to order products easily and flexibly in our online store. Our sales team will process your order request and provide you with a suitable offer. We always make sure that all selected products fit together and continue to guarantee high-quality specialist advice. So you can be sure that you haven’t forgotten any product.

If you have any questions about any CSS product, you can still contact us by email or phone. Our team will look forward to hear from you.

Your CSS Team