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With the IR Controlbox, the various seating positions of the multifunctional wheelchair Netti III comfort EL from Alu Rehab can be adjusted by infrared. The user can adjust both leg rests, back part and seat tilting, despite severe restriction of movement with the IR Controlbox, together with an environmental control unit, and thus vary the sitting position individually according to his or her condition. In addition to these 8 comfortable adjustment functions, 2 potential-free switching outputs are optionally available; for example, an AssistX Mobil can be connected to trigger a nurse call.

Changes of the infrared address, automatic switch-off time and the switching functions (also groups possible) can be conveniently effected by the optional setup software for Windows via USB.

Without a PC, these settings can be done in simple steps by means of the remote control.

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#20407 IR handheld remote control Netti/BIF8

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