RemoSet IR Phone Control (D) Adaption Handset Gigaset S850

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The telephone mobile handset with integrated infrared control

The infrared control system RemoSet, integrated into the telephone mobile handset, enables complete operation of the keypad and the hands-free system by remote control. Main application is the operation by people with severe and most severe disabilities. This is usually done by means of an environmental control device. Thanks to the infrared remote control, neither a handset must be held nor have any buttons on the telephone mobile handset to be pushed.

The infrared code used is standard, which can be used by any commercially available adaptive environmental control device.

RemoSet is the adaptation of a commercially available cordless telephone mobile handset, into which a complete IR control module has been integrated. This allows the entire keypad of the mobile handset to be controlled by an infrared remote control.

Due to the fact that the complete infrared control system has been integrated into the mobile handset, it is not only ergonomically and very easy to handle for wheelchair users but is also an easy-to-use tool in any day-to-day care. It can still be used like a normal cordless phone.

The RemoSet mobile handset permits hands-free talking in brilliant sound quality. The sound quality is especially noticeable when you are more than 1.50 m away from the device and the person you are talking to can still understand very well.

The telephone mobile handset equipped with RemoSet is supplied including a base station with charging tray for connection to the public telephone network or a point-to-point connection. Due to the extensive accessories for DECT phones, the cordless telephone can also be used as a VOIP telephone. 

Technical data:

  • Infrared receiver completely integrated in the mobile handset, no additional adapter or plug required
  • All keys of the handset can be controlled by infrared remote control
  • Different IR device addresses can be set
  • Hands-free talking/listening in brilliant sound quality
  • Headset connection (2.5 mm jack plug)
  • Large, easy-to-read color display
  • 10 one-touch keys
  • Phone book with 500 entries
  • Standby time ~165 hours, talking time ~12 hours, charging time ~8.5 hours

Scope of delivery:

  • Infrared controlled mobile handset
  • base station
  • connection cable
  • wall power supply
  • batteries
  • manual

Accessory (option):

#20208 IR Remote Commander 3

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